Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A day in the life......................

of me......during planting season. Most days go something like this:

Up and at 'em after the "birthday's" on the morning show. (Ok, so 6:47 isn't really that early in the whole scheme of things!)

Check email, facebook, newspapers. Off to a shower. Wake up Plowbaby and Plowboy, and get both moving. (not necessarily an easy feat!)

Change the channel to "toonies" for Plowbaby, and try to get her to eat some breakfast and change her clothes and get ready for work/school.

The goal is for her and I to be out the door BY 9. Again, I know....not real early.....but YOU haven't tried to get Miss Pokey around in the morning! Also in the mean time, get some laundry going, and dishes cleaned up from the night before.

Drive up to the farm (or the last field from last night) to find the empty NH3 tanks from the night before. Hook up and head toward AgChoice. This is if I haven't already been sent on 3 other missions, before even hooking up the first tank! Weigh in empty tank, unhook, and go hook up a full one and head back to the farm or whatever field it's needed in.

Swing by home if possible to grab some lunch and switch the laundry around.

If it's a Monday, Wednesday or Friday, by this time we are headed for pre-school. Drop her off at school. Since I'm in town, I pick up parts and do a little grocery shopping. Then head back out for more tanks.

Since the planter is running now, BIL needed help filling it today. I ended up looking like Aunt Jemima by the time we were done! Darned graphite anyway. (Oh, how i hope i get a shower before my meeting tonight!!!).

Back to pulling tanks.

2:45 ....time to get to town to pick Plowbaby up from school.....if I can't make it HOPE that sister-in-law can!

Stop in at home so Plowbaby can change clothes, and I can start some supper.

Back to more tanks or running the guys from field to field.

At 5 pm, I start making supper arrangements. Who is here, and what field are they in? Will everyone be here by the time I'm ready to bring supper to the field?

Home to cook hamburgers (or some sort of food!). Hot food in one cooler, cold stuff in another. Don't forget the chips and cookies!!! Load all into my work van and off we go again. Oh yeah, and don't forget to switch that laundry around while I"m home.

Make my rounds to each field, or the shop, find each of the guys and make sure they get a hot meal for supper.

Back to pulling tanks.

{Tonight, I had supper ready early and started my rounds. I needed to be in town for a meeting by 7:15. Plowbaby was going to stay with her aunt and cousin while i was at the meeting. Ok, so I get 2 of the guys fed at the shop, went over to the nearest field, and fed the 3rd guy....headed to the south field to feed the last 2. I'm doing good on time here.....might even be on time to the meeting! I can leave each meal in their vehicle at their location and still make it!!! Or NOT.... 6:45 and the van dies as I'm driving down the road. UGH!. Won't start. Call for help. Thank goodness for cell phones! "Is it out of gas???" was the question. Nope gauge read half tank. Help arrives with an extra vehicle and I'm on my way again, leaving my rescuers with the broken down van to pull home. Diagnosis.....fuel pump. I arrive at the south field, pick up BIL, and head over to Plowboy's location. They enjoy their supper with the company of Plowbaby and me. We leave Plowboy to his work and take BIL back to his tractor. By the time I got back to my car, it was 8pm. I was an hour late to the meeting.....walk in late and take my fair share of ribbing. Meeting was over about 9:30. I pick up Plowbaby at 9:45, and a few minutes later, Plowboy calls and asks if I can swing by Sonic on my way home. Get fuel in the car, Sonic for the hubby and head for home. Now, it's 10:30 and we're just getting home for the day. and I still have laundry and dishes to do and a kiddo to get into bed!}

Just a typical day around here.

and yes, I got a quick shower before i went to the meeting!!!

Hope everyone has a safe planting season.

Happy trails,


Farmchick said...

LOL-life on the farm....it's fun though right! :) Lucky you getting to pull tanks...we don't do that anymore...we use urea...so I don't have to pull tanks! YAY!! Hope you can stop by for a visit soon. :)

rightsaidfred said...

What is Sonic?

rightsaidfred said...

I comment, and get followed immediately by a spammer. That is weird. I think spammers follow me around.

Anonymous said...

I must digg your post so more people are able to see it, very useful, I had a hard time finding the results searching on the web, thanks.

- Norman

Kansas Plowgirl said...

Fred....Sonic is a fast food chain. and I don't know what's up with the spammers....